A New #Day1 in Durham

As we prep for the start of the school year, Bull City Schools United and the Tyler Clementi Foundation are partnering to make Durham Public Schools welcoming and safe for all students starting on #Day1. Research shows students succeed academically and feel safe at higher rates in schools where teachers and administrators explicitly take a stand for safe spaces and against bullying on the first day of school. The initiative is called #Day1.

#Day1 has two steps: a pledge to stand up for all students, followed by a declaration ensuring everyone is respected at school. #Day1 encourages community members to be “upstanders” and speak out when they see bullying and harassment. The pledge and declaration are available below.

#Day1 is endorsed by the NYC Department of Education, the Superintendent of Michigan Schools, AT&T, YMCA, National Education Association, Pennsylvania Office of Safe Schools, and many other organizations. Durham non-profit Student U has also implemented the pledge.

Those who have put #Day1 into use report nearly immediate results in their communities with improvements in morale and mutual respect. Durham Public Schools and Bull City Schools United will join these leaders in making students safer.